Hi, I'm Nam

I Design & Build

Stunning Websites

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. I am a web developer. I design simple yet engaging user interface, together with intuitive features for my websites. I love create “things”, and they have to be functionally beautiful. Please take a look at my crafts, I think I hit it off pretty well. In addition to coding, I am also a wedding videographer.

Web Design

Dynamic, intuitive, responsive and appealing. These are important words in my guidebook of creating websites. To keep it fresh, I zealously seek out new technologies that improve my workflow.

Favortie tools

  • Asp.net Core
  • Wordpress
  • Angular
  • Git

I speak

  • C#
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • Html

VTask Application

"Success" is what all parents want for their children. But how do kids attain success? This application aims at parents who wish to impose a discipline lifestyle to their kids. Nothing is for granted is the motto of VTask. Appreciation, discipline, pride and survivial knowledge for your kid is the aim of this application.

How does it work?

After registering for an account. You can create your kids profiles. Add tasks and rewards with points. As your kids accumulate enough point you can redeem the rewards for them.

Wedding Videography

I love challenges, problems solving, and I also love art. Hence, I chose wedding videography as my side kick to keep a fresh perspective and to meet new wonderful people. I have worked at over 20 weddings and counting.

Do I film anything else?

Yes. I also produce videos promoting company's activities, small local shops, and cooking channel. I always stride to find new ways to impress the viewers with modern equipment, steady video shots, and lots of emotion.


This responsive, intuitive site is used to show case GFCI and ELCI products produced by North Shore Safety ltd.
Clean and responsive Ecommerce site for selling electrical air switch.